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 Not much of a Wonderland isn't it?

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PostSubject: Not much of a Wonderland isn't it?   Sun Jul 01, 2012 8:26 am

This is a made up story.

Chapter 1

"I have to show you something."
It seemed so simple. A persons small request. But to Maria. It was something more deadly. It was her childhood friend who said that. His name was Benjamin. Or BJ for short. When they first met. It was known to her, that he would be a daredevil. One for the risks. She nodded, uncomfortable in his room. It wasn't the room itself though. Just the face that everytime BJ said that. It would probably put her life on the line too. She watched BJ. Who scurried to his wardrobe and started digging through it, before puling out a small black book. Crimson words etched into it 'Wonderland'. You would probably expect something like Alice in Wonderland,no. It was rumoured to be a sick magazine. Where kids ended up in the so called 'wonderland'. And had to fight for there life, against unknown dangers. It didn't seem creepy though, but the creepy bit was when the characters looked like some people in the world that hav gone missing.

Maria looked at the book, before looking back at BJ who just grinned and said "Want to read it togeher?". She opened her mouth to speak, when BJ ignored her, not waiting for an answer, before sitting down with her, on the floor, and he started taking the book, out of the plastic. It was fairly new. Not opened or anything. Maria just watched it. To her it seemed that they were signing their life over to the Grimmreaper. She was thrown out of her musings whn BJ opened the cover. The crimson eched words of 'Wonderland' waiting on the next page. She clutched the carpeted floor tightly. As BJ started flicking through the pages. She read over the lines until she couldn't take it anymore and she whispered "I dont like it.." Each page was worst from the last. It showed a small boy. Running and running. Getting chased by a robotic animal. He kept on screaming for help. But nobody would listen to him. It ended when he was caught in the jaws, and was brutally killed.

She looked away, as BJ put the book back. Maria wasn't scared about most things. But she was scared of 'Wonderland' It was a fake story. Kids read it all the time. She turned to BJ, who was now, getting things, and placing it on the floor. She looked at them before saying "Have you lost your mind?" The items BJ gathered, where the so called needed things you had to have to go to Wonderland. A piece of wood. A snail shell. And a knot of hair. BJ just replied "Nope. I'm just showing you. Its not true. If you do what it says in the book about.. summoning the Hatter. It wont work. Just a load of lies. Maria." as he sat down, before grabbing a plastic bowl under his bed. And putting the ingrediants in them. He looked around at his door carefully, before taking a lighter out of his pocket and setting the so called ingrediants on fire before saying "Hatter, Take me Away!. Mad, Mad Hatter. Take me away!" Maria flinched, the last step was to call on the Hatter, 4 times. Maria looked at BJ as she started covering her ears. Wanting BJ to stop. But it didn't he kept on saying it.

When he stopped, she counted how many times he did it.... exactly four times. BJ grinned at her and said "See. I'm still here." Maria smiled slowly as she started laughing. BJ started laughing as well, before she said "I nearly died. Stupid"







feedback appreciated Smile
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Not much of a Wonderland isn't it?
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